Get Active!

Share what you just learned in our course with your friends and family


You now learned important things about your health and how you can protect it. You passed the test? Congratulations! Why not take the next step and show your friends and family that you care about their health as you care about your own? How about informing them about this course?

To make it easier for you, we provided the opportunity to notify them using our web form (you need to be logged in to use this). The best thing: For every person you introduced that passes the test, you get a bonus towards a diploma of a WHA Health Educator. For detailed information about this diploma, please click here.

After you forwarded this course to your friends and colleagues, you will be credited towards your diploma for any person completing the test. Please note, this campaign is an educational campaign. There is no financial remuneration for you informing other people about this health course.

However, since you are helping to disseminate important health information, the diploma of a WHA Health Educator which you will receive will be an encouragement for you and an inspiration to your friends to also join the World Health Alphabetization.

All you have to do now to start working towards your diploma is to push the send button to inform others about this health course by using the web form we provided or to send the link we prepared with your own, unique user ID.

Share it in social networks

In the last years, social networks like Facebook or MySpace have a steadily grown amount of attention. Either media you choose, keywords like “Web 2.0”, “social network” or “social media” are common today. Probably you are already using at least one of those services.

To make it as easy as possible for you to share news about the World Health Alphabetization on social networks, we will (soon) provide useful buttons. Every person that passes the test and gives us your e-mail address during the registration process will bring you closer towards your WHA Health education diploma.

Share it in everyday life

You not only live in the internet. All of us have an “offline” live, where there is a great need for a World Health Alphabetization, too. Below, you will find a few examples of how you can get active in everyday life. If you have another great idea, tell us about it and help others with it!

Talk about it!

Just think about it: You are in school and talk with your friends about your lives and your future. There are few things more exciting than sharing some of the information you learned during this course. Imagine how much fun it will be to work through this course together with your friends, complete the test together and think about whom else you could invite to join.

And once you have gathered friends who want to work in your school or your community to spread this message you could have regular meetings to talk about how to bring this health information to your community, e.g, by presentations, talks, exhibitions and in many other ways.

If you are beyond the school age, you may want to invite friends or colleagues over to your house and work through this course by discussing the health information on the slides and jointly working towards a diploma as Health Educator.

There are many casual ways to spread this information. One of them could be like this: Imagine you are at your favorite grocery store or supermarket, buying fresh fruits for your healthy meals. Why not tell other customers about the power of vitamins and minerals and the effect on their body? Every day, you will come in situations, where you interact with other people. Aren't these people having a right to know about the functions of their bodies? It is easy to give them access to basic information about their health. Just tell them about this website: is easy to remember.

Do you know of other ways to talk to people about World Health Alphabetization? Tell us about it!

Live it!

In every second of your day, your body is in action. New cells will develop, old cells will die. The fact that your bodies cells will decide about your well being just means one thing: never stop thinking about your health and how to improve it. Small steps can be very important. Take vitamins! Eat healthy food! Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator!

You are responsible for your health, but also feel responsible for the health of others! Get active and help to fight health illiteracy worldwide!