March 2012

Did you know that the Cancer Epidemic affects us all with no exception?

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November 2011

Did you know that due to the economic interests of the pharmaceutical "business with disease", every year millions of people still pay with their life the highly toxic consequences of 'chemotherapy', while at the same time there are scientifically-proved, non-patented, natural ways to actually control cancer?

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September 2011

Did you know that the brain cells have extremely high requirements for nutrients, especially vitamin C, and that they consume more energy than most other organs?

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July 2011

Did you know that the most excellent sunscreen comes from a healthy skin itself?

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May 2011

Did you know that the primary cause that triggers the adult onset diabetes is the long-term deficiency of certain cellular nutrients in the millions of cells of the pancreas, the liver, and blood vessel walls, as well as other organs?

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April 2011

Did you know that the Pharmaceutical industry has become the greatest obstacle in obtaining health for all?

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March 2011

Did you know that atherosclerosis is an early form of scurvy and as such it can be reversed by natural means?

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February 2011

Did you know that one third of all proteins in our body are collagen molecules?

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January 2011

Did you know that elevated blood levels of cholesterol are NOT the root cause of heart disease but just the consequence of an ongoing weakening of the artery vessels?

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