How to get your diploma
as a WHA Health Educator

World Health Alphabetization Course Diploma

Working through this course is a challenge; not because it is difficult, but because it contains many new aspects about your health which you may never have thought of before.

Therefore, after working through this WHA course and completing the small test at the end, your efforts deserve recognition. By sending us back the completed test form, you will automatically receive a “Certificate of Participation” in this World Health Alphabetization health course. You can frame this Certificate and put it up in your living room, office or anywhere else where your family and friends can see it.

As your awareness of the importance of what you learned during this WHA course grows, you may want to take responsibility and inform your friends and other people you care about and invite them to join you in this noble mission.

We are confident that - especially with your encouragement - many of your friends will also complete this WHA education course, including the small test. If they send us back the completed test form, they too will receive a “WHA Certificate of Participation” and you will automatically be credited for having taken the educational responsibility of informing them about it.

The WHA movement is built to allow people who join to grow with the success of our mission. Thus, the more people who complete the course - at your initiative- the more advanced the educational title you can earn. These titles are:

The requirements for qualifying for these different titles are documented in the following table:

Star ranking overview

By the way, there’s an easy way to remember our diploma schedule: Just look at the finger of your hand. Each finger represents a new person. You will be honoured with the title “WHA Health Educator” when at least five new people have completed the World Health Alphabetization course by your initiative.

Now you work in a team with the graduates you have invited! In order to obtain the second title, the “WHA Community Health Educator”, at least five of your team members again have to invite five new friends to join our common educational campaign. And so on.

Just imagine yourself as “WHA National Health Educator”: That means that no fewer than 125 people have learned more about the scientific breakthroughs in natural health – by your activity alone!

To obtain the more advanced titles of National Educator, International Educator and World Educator, you will also be asked to complete a small questionnaire highlighting specific aspects of these advanced titles.

Collect stars for saving lives

The entire WHA educational diploma schedule is connected to the symbol of stars.

In the military, as you may already know, generals are awarded stars for their “merits” in combat, which includes the killing of people. We, however, have decided to take these very same symbols - the stars - and fill them with an entirely different meaning: saving lives.

Thus, the more people you provide with life-saving information and the more lives you have potentially saved, the more stars you will have on your diploma!

By joining the WHA campaign you are making an exciting choice: you acquire invaluable health information for yourself and you can possibly help to save the lives of many others.

So what are you waiting for?

Get Started!