About the World Health
Alphabetization (WHA) movement

Why is there a need for a world health alphabetization?

Health is the most important human need and its protection is the most basic human right.  Or, at least, so you might think. Unfortunately, however, so far as our current health care systems are concerned, nothing could be further from the truth.

Over the past decades, health care systems around the world have been taken hostage by interests that have defined human diseases as multi-billion dollar markets for their patented drugs.  These interests have a name: the pharmaceutical investment business with disease.

The precondition for this fraudulent business model to function is the health illiteracy of millions of people, i.e. the lack of knowledge about basic functions of the human body and the most fundamental approaches to human health.

To give you just one example: Did anyone ever explain to you why millions of people die of heart attacks (the clogging of the arteries of the heart) but that nose attacks or ear attacks are essentially unknown? Or did anyone ever tell you why almost all human beings develop arteriosclerosis (hardening of the walls of arteries), and why “veno-sclerosis” (hardening of the walls of veins) is essentially unknown? Did ever anyone explain to you plausibly how elevated cholesterol levels in our blood stream cause damage only to a few inches of the blood vessel pipeline but not to the great majority – many miles – of this pipeline?

Do you think that it is a coincidence that you do not know the answers to these basic questions? Once you go through this basic health course, you will see that it is no coincidence.

As long as we, the people of the world, do not demand the answers to such basic questions of human health, today’s diseases are unlikely to disappear. In fact, all of us - millions of people - will continue to pay a hefty price for tolerating this health illiteracy:

  1. Millions of people will continue to fall sick and die from diseases that could long ago have been eradicated.
  2. Hundreds of millions of people will pay with their pocket books for the skyrocketing costs associated with managing these unnecessary diseases.

We have to realize that a new health care system that focuses on prevention, reduction and eventually the eradication of diseases must start with health education of the people.

This is not a question of “if” – this has become a question of “when” we start. The longer we stay indifferent to this challenge and postpone educating ourselves and others about such basic health questions, the more people will pay the ultimate price for this indifference.

Especially for You: the young people, the next generation taking responsibility for our planet - health education is one of the most urgent and most import global challenges.

This online course was developed as a starting point, to end health illiteracy for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and your community.

We invite and encourage you to:

Become part of a historic movement

This course is presented by the Dr. Rath Foundation as a service to mankind. You can download this health information free of any charge and use it for educational purposes at home, in schools and anywhere you want.

Dr. Rath is a renowned scientist who has made some of the most fundamental scientific discoveries towards the natural control of cardiovascular disease and cancer. He was also a longtime colleague and friend of the late Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling.

Before his death in 1994, Dr. Pauling predicted that Dr. Rath's discoveries will threaten the survival of entire industries - namely, the multi-billion dollar investment business with disease - and will trigger the fiercest reactions from them.

Over the past 15 years, this prediction has become reality. Leading the global effort to end health illiteracy, Dr. Rath and his team of researchers have become the focus of attacks from the interests described above.

To study that, we encourage you to punch the name “Dr. Rath” into any online search engine and study all the defamatory material in the results that come up. We encourage you to study the motives of the different lobby groups attacking Dr. Rath and compare them with a list of the world's leading pharmaceutical export and distribution nations, namely the US, UK, Germany – and, lately, South Africa as the “drug distribution center” for the African continent.

When you read all of these attacks, you might also consider other important questions:

  1. The scientist Dr. Rath is a “David” fighting against a multi-billion “Drug Goliath.” If any of the allegations made by lobbyists of this interest group were true, this “David” would have vanished long ago.
  2. The fact that after 15 years of leading this battle, Dr. Rath now launches this World Health Alphabetization campaign is living proof for a simple fact: Dr. Rath must be right.
  3. How did the status quo react to other scientific or political transformations of a similar magnitude, e.g. to Louis Pasteur’s discovery that microorganisms are the cause of infectious diseases or to Martin Luther King’s and Nelson Mandela’s demand for equal rights for all people of their countries? 

By working through these “adversities” you may understand – and possibly “breathe” – the historic nature of World Health Alphabetization.

There is a law characterizing these historic transitions: The bigger the quantum leap forward for mankind, the greater the threat to the status quo – and the fiercer its resistance. World Health Alphabetization is no exception to this law. By joining this mission you can literally become part of history.

By launching the World Health Alphabetization campaign, Dr. Rath and his Foundation are taking the historic battle for the liberation of human health to a global stage. By presenting this life-saving health information to millions of people and inviting them to join this global mission for health education, Dr. Rath hands over this process to the people themselves.

Once you realize that by joining the World Health Alphabetization movement you would be helping no one else except yourself and the people you care about – that's when you should decide to actively join this historic movement.

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