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1. Who is ultimately responsible for your health?
2. At what age should you begin to start taking care of your health?
3. Where can you get independent information to help improve your health?
4. Who is responsible for the fact that you have not been given answers to basic medical questions?
5. Health and disease are defined at what level of your body?
6. What are cells?
7. In which regions of the cell does the production of bio-energy occur?
8. What are micronutrients?
9. Who can benefit from dietary supplementation?
10. Vitamin C:
11. Cellular Medicine:
12. The aim of Cellular Medicine is:
13. Which research institute is a world leader in the field of natural cancer treatment?
14. What are collagen-digesting enzymes?
15. How can the spread of cancer cells be blocked?
16. When did Dr. Rath establish the basis for a breakthrough in the natural control of cancer?
17. Arteriosclerosis resulting in heart attacks and strokes is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Its primary cause is:
18. High blood pressure frequently develops as a result of:
19. What effects do vitamins and other micronutrients have in AIDS patients?
20. What are the goals of the pharmaceutical industry?
21. How does the "business with disease" function?
22. Who else can benefit from the health information contained in this course?
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