Make the Change!


Bryan in USA

Hello! My name is Bryan Fuller, I'm a retired Respiratory Therapist and a Naturopathic Doctor. At the present time I am the President of the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences, based in Hudson Falls (Sandy Hill), New York, and I would like to take a few moments to tell you about the World Health Alphabetization (WHA) initiative.

The World Health Alphabetization initiative centers around a course developed by Dr. Matthias Rath with the noble and lofty goal of eliminating health illiteracy among the peoples of this world.

In fact, I was so impressed with the course and its mission that I made it a required course for all students at the Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences, with the hope that they too would share the message and help educate others that the Pharmaceutical 'Business of Disease' really does exist. I can truthfully say that many of our students were just as impressed with course as I was and have since joined the WHA cause themselves.

Truly, there just are not enough words to say how important the WHA initiative is to me. By taking the course yourself, I believe that you will be surprised to learn the facts about conventional healthcare and Big Pharma in the world today. Yes, my friends, you will be surprised to learn that you don't have to be sick and that there really are simple and effective solutions for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other health problems. I'm privileged to be able to share this vital information with anyone who wants to know and to be a small part of the WHA team.