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Judy in USA

I am very grateful and honored to be part of the WHA Project and have made it the focal point of my mission of teaching “Authentic Medicine” here in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, USA!  I wholeheartedly pursue this mission with great passion, in hopes that some day health is attainable for all who seek it so that we can bring an end to unnecessary suffering for humankind. 

I am a Master Herbalist/Natural Health Consultant and previously owned The Mountain Herb Shoppe, a Health Food Store.  I now operate a Holistic Mountain Retreat at Historic Log Cabin Inn circa 1750.  Here I teach the WHA course and other natural healing modalities.

The “Bud’s Place” Wellness Initiative is a support group that meets weekly at the log cabin and is informative for maintaining health, as well as for challenging health issues.   The WHA is an important aspect of the mission here at Bud’s Place wellness meetings, providing a plethora of information that can be found nowhere else!  Here, people can be heard, receive hope, and ultimately be healed, all within a nurturing environment.  Educating about Authentic Medicine is key, so everyone can make their own conscious decisions and actively participate in their healing journey.

The WHA resonates at the highest frequency of truth and this is why I am driven to share it with my neighborhood and the world.

I have been learning, as well as, teaching others about the Dr. Rath Health discoveries over the past decade and have recently become a “Certified Community Health Educator” through the Dr. Rath Health Foundation (WHA).  Also, the Historic Log Cabin Inn is now a Community Health Education Center thru the Foundation as well, this certification allows the public the reassurance of creditable health information.

I currently work with other health professionals and look forward to sharing the WHA and its tremendous life saving information with schools, community groups, churches and wherever I can.

A New World, Hope, Health, and Peace for All.
  Thanx to Dr. Rath and the WHA!!

Judy Weiland Trabbold
Donegal, PA 15628
United States

Tel: +1 724 771 9131