Make the Change!


Francisco in Portugal

"We were not created to be eaten by anxiety, but to walk erect, free and unafraid in a world where there is work to do, truth to seek, love to give and win."

Hi! My name is Francisco, I was born in Angola in 1959. I was forced to leave my country in 1979 during the civil war. For anyone who hasn’t experienced civil war, I can tell you that it is like hell on earth. The civil war in Angola was the result of some of the same political influences that are still active today, ruining the futures of everybody in Portugal where I live now. But make no mistake: These political influences are exactly the same almost everywhere; we can see it Europe today, especially in Brussels. It is different in some countries, this is perhaps because some people are more organized and participate actively in their national politics. Some people take a direct interest in the future of their countries, with the result that their politicians are forced to act in the interests of the people. This is not currently happening in Portugal, our politicians are like horses who lead their riders instead of the other way around.

I found the Dr. Rath Health Foundation in 2012 when I watched a video on Youtube of a lecture given by Dr. Rath in Poland. In this talk, Dr. Rath described the truth about health and the Brussels EU that is being hidden from everybody. I thank him for this message as I know that all Portuguese people need to listen to it. I will therefore do everything I can to help spread it. We must all promote the right for everybody to be healthy and preserve our health using Cellular Medicine, natural food and a healthy lifestyle.

The pharmaceutical industry and the oil cartel see the human family as a potential source of profits, it’s all about market share and numbers for them. I am sharing these truths and the Foundation’s message as widely as possible. From studying this message, I have realized that only when we all stand together and fight for the same purpose will we be able to make the right changes in our societies. I therefore thank Dr. Rath and the Foundation for creating a humane movement that brings hope to people.

I have been following a healthy lifestyle for the past 20 years. During this time, I have learned that, in order to stay healthy and live longer, I have to deliver an optimum supply of micronutrients to all of the billions of cells in my body on a daily basis. In addition, I have learned that the food we buy in supermarkets now contains large numbers of synthetic chemicals that are negatively affecting our health and reducing our lifespan. Clearly, therefore, we must not leave this legacy to the next generation, we are responsible for informing people and educating them about the truth.

By following the Foundation’s “World Health Alphabetization” (WHA) course, we can all become health educators. This is the first step towards achieving the goal of our becoming more responsible as the stewards of this planet and creating a better world for everybody. I believe that the WHA course can bring knowledge to all of us and that we can free ourselves and create a new world of health, peace and social justice. I therefore call on everybody to get involved with the WHA program and help save millions of lives.

I thank Dr. Rath for creating the possibility for me to show the Portuguese people “the light at the end of the tunnel”!


"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."