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Celia Penny in Nigeria

Hello My name is Celia Penny Moses-Nagbiku. I am a Nutrition Educator/Geneticist and I live and work in Lagos Nigeria. I am the President of CeliaPenny Foundation for the Prevention of malnutrition in Africa. I am also co-coordinator of Movement of Life in Nigeria.

I came across the Dr. Rath Foundation in a local newspaper in 2004. I found that the focus was on micronutrient deficiencies. That to me was real, not factory-made. It was what I have been waiting for all along. I was so touched by what I learned from Dr. Rath Foundation that I chose to call my health support system ‘Cellular Health Support’ (CHeS).

Going through the WHA course has put me on a path to helping millions of people get sustainable health. We educate people on how to preserve these micronutrients in their foods and teach them to plant their own fruit trees and the result has been wonderful.

We support not for profit organizations, who are creating awareness on diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and educate them on how to prevent these diseases by making healthy food choices.

With the WHA working we can make the world a healthier place.