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Jibril in Nigeria (in Hausa)

I’m very happy and excited to have set up my WHA project in Nigeria!!! I was born in Nigeria, I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2001 and am licensed to practice by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Since qualifying, I have dedicated my mind and heart towards good health and gaining more knowledge about it for myself and those close to me. When my close brother died of cancer I started to search for a new understanding of diseases that provided solutions to them. I live in the rural area, where I’ve worked for many years, and can clearly see the number of women and children who have died from simple and preventable diseases.

When I first came into contact with Dr Rath and his websites, especially the WHA initiative, I felt immediately connected to him. I started to work with all the material available and began spreading the message for the immediate benefit of my people. I present the materials for patients to see and try to produce them in local languages for more effective communication. In Northern Nigeria, for example, we speak Hausa.

I want to reach out to all those people who want effective and quality health care. I can truly say that the WHA initiative has been a turning point in my life and that it has given me a new understanding of diseases and the natural cures available.