Make the Change!


Sofia in Cyprus

My passion for the persistent and tireless effort the non-profit Dr. Rath Health Foundation puts in every day, has started by taking the WHA course. The World Health Alphabetization course has been a wake-up call for me. For years now, I have been stumbling upon information from different sources. Information which reveals that injustice has been existed against us, the simple citizens: injustice, on matters of health and on matters of social rights. It was through the WHA course’s well documented sources, that I was able to make the connections. It was since then that I decided that it was time for me to face these matters; to know more about them…and to do something about it!

Since then, I have read all of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s published books and materials and learned all about Cellular Medicine and its positive effects on treating diseases naturally. I managed to improve my own and my family’s health levels and eventually, since that first contact with the Foundation, I’ve been having the feeling that I’m actually contributing towards social justice and better health for the world we live in.

For me, one of the most important outcomes of the WHA educative course was the chance I had to meet and become part of my country’s active Cellular Medicine group of volunteers. After further training, I now work together with Dr. George Katsonis and Eleni Kouppanou, two of the most well trained and knowledgeable Consultants in Cyprus on Cellular Medicine. Now, I’m a member of a powerful team of volunteers who organize and give lectures and seminars on Cellular Medicine all over Cyprus: in schools, communities, municipalities, universities and anywhere the team is invited to. Determined to achieve the goal “HEALTH FOR ALL BY 2020”, until now, we have informed hundreds of our fellow citizens and many of them have already improved their health conditions. Spreading the good news that natural treatments for cancer or heart disease as well as many other common diseases are now feasible and accessible to all of us, is a satisfying and fulfilling mission and I’m truly blessed to have encountered the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s ‘family’ to achieve these goals.

Sofia Matsi