Make the Change!


Vicky in Cyprus

I’m Vicky Ioannou!

With the continuous education I get from the WHA course, I am looking forward to informing and protecting my family and friends from the vicious pharmaceutical circle of disease. I would also like to approach people who did not yet have a chance to hear these important things about health, and remind them that they are responsible for their own bodies and health.

I am very glad to be involved with the Cyprus WHA team, because we have already awakened and informed many community groups and shared a great deal of life-saving information with the public. Through using the knowledge provided by Cellular Medicine, many Cypriots have improved their health.

My personal ambition is to reach all social classes, in order to change the fundamental nature of health education. I hope this team will grow bigger and bigger during the next years, reaching everybody around the world and giving all people an opportunity to improve their health.