Make the Change!


Betina and Christian in South America

We are an Argentinean / German couple that lived 7 years in Chile. Both of us, Betina (1962) and Christian (1965) are working with our hearts and minds for a path towards health, more understanding of it, for ourselves and the people around us.

We are on the road again with our Motorhome “MAMUT” and we give seminars to everybody who is interested lo learn more about HEALTH!

Alternative health and nutrition are work that we do since years, so health approaches like the WHA are familiar and dear to us.

We both have worked as professionals in the “western health systems”: Betina as a psychologist, Christian as a registered nurse. In the year 2005 we moved from Germany to South America to realize a mobile humor project for children in hospitals, schools and orphanages and people in emergency situations. With our “house on 4 wheels” we could reach almost every corner in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

When we came in contact with the WHA we felt immediately connected with it and started to work with all the interesting material it offers. At once we felt to bring this helpful information to people. We felt we had to share this knowledge with the world!

We studied, did the WHA courses, studied more and prepared a presentation that fits to all kind of people.

We want to extend this work to other groups of people and reach out to all the humans who seek health for themselves and their families…

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